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Wolves of the World

Posted On 07 Mar 2019
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Wolves of the World

Wolves of the World

The most unique show on the road today, Wolves of the World presents the mystical enigmatic wolf-a whole pack in fact, performing right before your eyes. The Sandlofer family explains the history of wolves. They recount the story of how these rescued wolves are raised in captivity and display the traits of the wolf packs, including the alpha male and female and how they interact. The show even features a hero wolf, who saved a young girl from drowning, showing the wolves to be intelligent empathetic animals. Sharon has trained the fiercely independent animals to perform before audiences, a feat rarely accomplished in a touring show. Audience members sometimes drive for hours to see the wolves perform live. This is a show unlike any other. At the conclusion of the show, audience members are invited into the wolves’ habitat where they actually have the chance to watch the wolves being fed. This is a show your guests will never forget.

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